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Sale and hire of canopies for private and professional use and for people who wants a quality canopy at a reasonable price. Go to our web shop and see our wide selection of canopies we have for sale.

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We have a wide selection of canopies. A canopy is a nice addition to any home and can be used for many occasions whether it is for private use, special occasions, birthdays, beach trips, camping, sales stand at the market or garden parties in your own backyard. A canopy is ideal for you if you love to spend time outside no matter what the weather is like. Use our canopies at home in your garden, or bring it with you on camping, beach trips or your friends house. Our canopies provide a nice shade from the sun, rain, wind and keep you dry in the dew falling hours throughout the evening. Invite your friends and family for lovely garden parties, with a canopy you will enjoy your garden even more.

Canopy construction

The canopy is very easy. It takes less than a minute to set up. The canopy is designed for extreme performance for any kind of event. A choice of strong steel or aluminium frames with heavy polyester roof cover or sides. The Canopy basic is constructed in steel frames and comes complete with 4 side walls (one with a zip for entrance), ground pegs and a carry bag. The roof is in strong polyester 300 Denier. With the canopy basic you get a good canopy at a very attractive price. The Canopy Xtreme is the market strongest canopy with a strong aluminium hexagonal 50 mm frame.

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